Blind Spot Detection For Motorcycles

A motorcycle has some areas that are not visible from the side mirror, known as blind spots. Although they are not as big as cars, they are even more dangerous. That’s because motorcycles are more vulnerable to accidents. The rider is the most vulnerable in any kind of collision as all sides are open.

But we care about the rider’s safety. That is why we offer blind spot detection for motorcycles. These assist systems monitor the areas invisible to the side-view mirror and notify you if there’s a vehicle. Hence, saving you from collisions and other accidents.

Motorcycle blind spot detection system BSD 77G
Motorcycle blind spot detection system BSD 77G

Add A Safety Layer With Our Blind Spot Detection For Motorcycles

Blind spot detection for motorcycles saves you from riding stress as it protects you and your bike. It removes the challenging part of riding a bike, i.e., taking care of your surrounding at all times. Motorcycle blind spot detection systems scan your bike’s surrounding constantly and alert if any objects come dangerously near. So you no longer need to check your bike mirrors repeatedly. If there’s a vehicle approaching, the sensors will alert you with a visual notification.

We have various models of blind spot detection for motorcycles, including:

Motorcycle blind spot detection compare list

Now you might wonder what’s the difference between these products. Well, they have different detection distances, signal angles, and distance resolutions. Both sensors can detect vehicles within 20 – 50m of range. Similarly, their signal angles and distance has a different range, so all buyers can find a match to their needs.

Furthermore, our blind spot detection systems are waterproof up to IP 67 grade. Their ranging accuracy is higher than 0.1m, meaning you can rely on their precise results.

Our blind spot detection for motorcycles includes 2 warning lights on both mirrors to notify the rider. You can catch the visual cues on your side-view mirrors.

These assist systems are equipped with a 24Ghz microwave radar sensor. It’s the latest and improved version of ultrasonic sonic sensors. Regardless of weather conditions, these radar detectors will always scan your surrounding and alert you of threats. So, you do not need to worry about your surrounding, even in the rain, snow, fog, smoke, or dust.


Don’t think you are in need of blind spot detection for motorcycles? Try checking your surrounding while wearing a helmet. These helmets block your side-view vision, and therefore, it’s a must for all riders to equip themselves with radar sensors. It is the perfect solution to keep you safe from fatal accidents. You can get it in different models from us at a reasonable price and durable build.

The best part is that you do not need to worry about blind spot monitor costs. Our customer support team is available 24/7 via live chat. Ask them for a quote or get a free quote for any blind spot detection model. Also, we entertain custom orders If you want a custom package for your business.

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