Collision Avoidance Systems

Aren’t road collisions scary? Do you know the main reason for a collision is blind spots? A commercial vehicle has many vulnerable spots invisible to the side-view mirror. Any smaller car lurking in these areas can easily collide with your vehicle. Any minor accident can cause irreversible damage to you, your vehicle, and especially the other driver.

You can avoid such accidents by choosing us as your collision avoidance system manufacturer. Our assistive driving systems prevent collisions in the left, right, rear, and front blind spots. You can use them individually on your heavy vehicle or mining truck. They use microwave radar to monitor a position with different frequency bands. Equip your commercial vehicle with our system because there is no such thing as too much protection on the road!

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Why Choose Us As A Collision Avoidance System Manufacturer?

A collision avoidance system does not just protect you on the road, it also makes you a confident truck driver. No doubt, it is a challenging task to monitor your blind spots. Therefore, this system keeps watch on the nearby vehicles for you, enabling you to focus on the road.

As one of the leading collision avoidance system manufacturers, our products carry powerful features. That includes:

Advanced Safety Features

We have the upper hand over other collision avoidance system manufacturers due to our advanced features, like radar technology. It’s the most accurate blind spot monitoring technology. It makes you free from false alarms while providing real-time protection.

Furthermore, our collision avoidance systems have long detection ranges. They can monitor vehicles up to 40 meters in a position. The detection ranges are different for different models. Make sure you check the product’s specs before buying.


Rain, snow, fog, and dirt can be a big problem when driving your truck, as these conditions block your view. However, our collision avoidance sensors are resistant to all weather effects. They offer accurate results because the radar has an IP67 waterproof grade.

Multiple Levels Of Protection

Another benefit is the alert system of our collision avoidance system. It consists of several alert levels, depending on your commercial vehicle’s distance from other vehicles. Different colors of flashing lights, along with audible warnings, indicate these distance levels. Based on these readings, you can make the right decision and avoid fatal collisions on the road.

Become More Protected

If you want to add another safety layer, you can install the optional camera and display screen. You can continuously get the camera results on your system’s display screen via the control box. It helps you get an even more detailed view of your commercial vehicle’s blind spots. However, it will cost you a little extra.

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Why We Are The Best Collision Avoidance System Manufacturer?

Still not sure if we are the best collision avoidance system manufacturer? Well, our client’s reviews might change your mind. We have local and international experience, so make sure you check out the reviews.

Don’t delay your safety anymore. Get your hands on our all-in-one blind spot solution to make your commercial vehicle safe. If you wish to understand the product in detail, we suggest you visit the manuals. All models have separate manuals. These will give information regarding specs, installation, features, kit, etc.

In case you want a customized product for your business or personal use, know that we are one of the most popular brands for customized solutions. We imprint all types of logos and entertain any custom design required. So, get a free quote now!

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