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Lexus BSM – A Detailed Guide on its Usage, Light, Problems, and Alternative

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Driving assistance systems have become a norm over the last few years. Now, almost every vehicle uses these devices to some extent. You will find them in cars, SUVs, trucks, and even motorcycles. One of the most popular options in this category is the Lexus BSM. Backed by a famous company like Lexus, it is easily one of the most well-known blind spot monitoring systems.

But what is Lexus BSM? How does it work? It has been known for running into some common problems. So, what are these problems? Let’s answer all these questions in this comprehensive guide!


What is Lexus BSM?

Lexus BSM is a blind spot monitoring system. In case you don’t know, a blind spot monitoring system monitors the no-zones of a vehicle. These areas are otherwise invisible to the driver in the side-view mirrors.

Generally, a car’s build, specifically its A-pillars, creates blind spots. Furthermore, a driver’s height and visibility range can also impact the area of a blind spot.

Either way, the Lexus BSM comes pre-installed in modern Lexus cars, SUVs, and hybrids. It is one of the most well-known driving assistance systems. Consisting of sensors, it can prevent impactful accidents. It keeps the driver updated about their surroundings by sending them real-time alerts if a vehicle enters their blind spots.

Another thing to know is that this BSM system also has Lexus RCTA. As a result, you will not collide with vehicles in your immediate rear area. This feature makes parking, lane changing, turning, and reversing safer.


How to Use Lexus BSM?

Using Lexus BSM is pretty straightforward. We have broken it down into the following three parts:

  • Turning on Lexus BSM
  • Using Lexus BSM
  • Turning off Lexus BSM

How to Turn On Lexus BSM?

Here are two ways to enable your BSM in a Lexus vehicle.

1. Via the Multi-Information Display (MID)

    1. Hit the Menu button from your steering wheel controls.
    2. Navigate to the Settings via arrow keys.
    3. Select Vehicle Settings from the list and head to Blind Spot Monitor.
    4. If it is off, hit the ON button and press OK.

Note: This method works only for Lexus LX, RX, and GS models.

2. Via The BSM Button

    1. Locate the BSM button at the left of the steering wheel.
    2. Press and hold the button to turn on the system.
    3. When it is on, the BSM light will illuminate on the dashboard.

Note: This method works for Lexus RC, IS, GX, LS, ES, and NX models.

How to Use Lexus BSM System?

When you go to your Vehicle Settings, Click Blind Spot Monitor. There, you will find various settings for your blind spot monitoring system. You can adjust them according to your preferences.

Here’s how to use this system:

  • Depending on your Lexus model, turn the system ON via the BSM button or MID.
  • Track the audible and visual notifications on your side-view mirrors.
  • When you see an alert, make the right decisions based on the scenario.

When to use the Lexus BSM system? Usually, it will come in handy when turning, changing lanes, reversing, and parking.

How to Turn Off Lexus BSM?

You can turn off the Lexus BSM by pressing the Off button from the console next to your steering wheel. However, in some models, navigate to Settings in the display > Vehicle Settings > Blind Spot Monitor. Now, press the OFF button and hit OK to confirm.

You may turn off the BSM when driving on less busy roads or after parking your car. Turning off your BSM when it is not in use is highly recommended. This simple tip can increase the system’s lifespan.


What are Lexus BSM Problems?

While Lexus BSM is very effective, it can run into some problems. You can identify them with their error codes. Here are some problems with the blind spot monitoring system in Lexus cars:

1. Light Blinking

Generally, the illuminated light represents the BSM system is ON in Lexus vehicles. However, the light may sometimes blink or flash. That shows the system isn’t working properly. It could mean a problem in the hardware or software of the BSM.

2. Yellow Light

This problem has been reported in many Lexus models. Users see the light turning yellow. Normally, the BSM light is green, indicating the system works correctly. The yellow color indicates the Lexus blind spot monitor not working at all.

3. Inaccurate Results

Sometimes, the BSM system might not offer the best results. You will get unnecessary Lexus BSM sound notifications or not get them. That can happen when the sensors get clogged by dirt or debris. Hence, head to your Lexus BSM sensor location, clean the sensors, and recheck. If the problem persists, it might be a hardware issue.

Pro-tip: Inspect the sensors after driving in extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, fog, etc). Frequent cleaning can prevent clogging in sensors. While at it, make sure the alert system is also clean to see visual notifications clearly.

4. Not Turning On

One of the most frustrating Lexus BSM problems can be it not turning on. That happens due to two main reasons. Firstly, it could be an electrical problem. Either the cables are faulty, or your vehicle isn’t providing the required electricity to the sensors. An incorrect wire connection may also cause this issue.

Another reason is outdated software. Note that these systems have their dedicated software. For instance, BSM Lexus RX 350 has its own BSM software. However, you have to update it for proper working. Otherwise, an outdated system will continue to face various errors.


Is There an Alternative to Lexus BSM?

Yes, you have a wide range of options in the driving assistance systems market. Lexus BSM systems are generally factory-installed. They come built-in with their car models. Hence, the drawback comes during their maintenance and repairs.

You must consult with the company for spare parts and repairs. They will assign you a professional representative. Since the company issues the spare parts, you can not find them anywhere in the market. And that also increases the maintenance costs.

However, you can always opt for aftermarket alternatives. There are numerous aftermarket blind spot monitoring systems. Here’s how they are better than built-in BSMs.

1. Lower Repair Costs

The market is flooded with various manufacturers and models of aftermarket BSM systems. You can easily pick one that suits you best. Moreover, their spare parts are also available abundantly in the market. Thus, the repair costs are significantly lower than a factory-built option, like Lexus BSM.

2. More Flexibility

With an aftermarket BSM, you have more flexibility. They are not tailored to one specific car model, both hardware and software-wise. Plus, they are universal, meaning you can install them in your vehicle, regardless of its model and brand.

3. Additional Features

Aftermarket BSM systems are available with various additional features. Lexus BSM may have RCTA, but that’s about it. A modern aftermarket model has lane-change assist, automated braking, GPS navigation, forward collision warning, and much more. The advanced systems even have AI functions, using algorithms to predict a potential threat.

Also, you can combine most BSM systems with other driving assistance tools. This way, you can enjoy various features at once!

4. Easier to Use

An aftermarket BSM may further exclude human input. Generally, it turns on with your vehicle. That means you don’t have to go to your vehicle settings to enable it manually. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about additional buttons next to your steering wheel. As a result, you get less stress on the road!

5. No Need for a Professional

You can maintain your aftermarket BSM system without professional assistance. All you need to worry about is cleaning the sensors and calibrating them. Plus, each system has its own manual. You can follow the instructions and perform maintenance on your own!

Which Manufacturer to Choose?

You will find many manufacturers to replace your Lexus BSM. However, choosing a reliable and reputable one is highly recommended. OYI Electronic is one of the best options you can opt for. Their affordable factory prices, 98% success rate, installation guidance, and 24/7 customer service make them a trusted manufacturer for driving assistance systems.

OYI Electronic has driving assistance systems for trucks, motorcycles, and cars. Their products range from blind spot monitors and lane-change assist to forward collision warning systems. You can provide them with your requirements to get a price quote for free!

OYI company's factory area


Lexus BSM is an excellent driving assistance device for Lexus cars, SUVs, sedans, and hybrids. It offers accurate results, a straightforward framework, ease of use, and complete control to the driver. While it is an effective system, it’s surely not the best option. It can run into some problems like dirty sensors, outdated software, and electrical issues. While these errors are solvable, they may cost you time and money.

You can always choose aftermarket systems from reliable manufacturers, like OYI Electronic, to avoid these complications. This way, your blind spot monitor can avoid the aforementioned errors. More importantly, you can continue driving without any problems!

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