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Is Blind Spot Alert Useful? A Detailed Case Study

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Today, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are more popular than ever. This market is growing rapidly with a projected market value of $145.54 billion by 2027. It shows a massive increase of 21% from its current industry value.

There are numerous driving assistance systems. Their basic premise is to make driving easier, safer, and more efficient. One of the most popular devices is a blind spot alert. You can easily find it on the internet at an affordable price. But that’s not important. The question you should ask is whether the blind spot alert system is worth it. More importantly, Is it useful? If so, then what does it do?

Let’s look at this detailed case study to provide a clearer picture. By the end, you will know whether to buy this system or not!


What Does the Blind Spot Alert Do?

Before learning the complex blind spot detection system working, you should know what exactly are blind spots.

Understanding Blind Spots

A blind spot is an area almost invisible to the side-view mirror. That means a car driver can not view this spot clearly. As a result, many accidents occur in these areas. That is why they are often called the “no-zones” or “danger zones.”

A car has two primary blind spots:

  • The left side
  • The right side

Many people think that only some specific vehicles have blind spots. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Every car has blind spots due to its A-pillars, build, and the driver’s height.

The worst part is that these blind spots are 10 times more dangerous in a truck. Since it is a larger vehicle, it has four no-zones. Besides its driver and passenger sides, the immediate front and rear are also its danger zones.

Framework Of Blind Spot Alert

A blind spot warning aftermarket monitors these blind spots since the side-view mirrors are incapable of this task. This system tracks your surroundings with its sensors to detect an oncoming vehicle. It has an alert system that triggers when a car enters your blind spot. So, you can be notified and make an informed decision.

Typically, a blind spot alert relies on a sensor or camera. Either way, it monitors the no-zones to ensure a safer driving experience.

The best part is that you can use blind spot detection systems for all vehicles. That includes cars, motorcycles, SUVs, trucks, vans, buses, and emergency vehicles. Usually, it comes in universal models. That means a truck blind spot system can fit in all trucks, no matter their brand name or release year.


Types of Blind Spot Alert Systems

There are many ways to categorize blind spot alert systems into different types. Let’s look at them in detail!

Categorization by Components

Generally, this categorization contains the following two types:

  • Sensors: The alert systems that use sensors emit millimeter radar waves to detect vehicles. They can accurately tell when a car enters your blind spots. Moreover, they require minimal maintenance because sensors are usually weather-resistant.
  • Cameras: Many systems use cameras to monitor blind spots. They have a display screen placed on the dashboard or mounted on the rear-view mirror. Drivers can keep track of their surroundings by viewing the real-time footage from the screen.

Categorization by Alert Systems

Blind spot detection systems have different alert systems. Here are the three main types:

  • Visual: The alert system mounts on the side-view mirror via an adhesive sticker. A visual system sends notifications to the driver via flashing LED lights.
  • Audible: An audible system sends audio alerts like chimes or beeps when a vehicle enters your blind spot.
  • Hybrid: In some situations, a visual or audible alert isn’t enough. That’s where a hybrid system comes in. It has flashing lights and beeps to notify the driver.

Categorization By Features

Let’s see how features differ in a blind spot system:

  • Traditional Blind Spot Alert System: An old-school blind spot alert system simply monitors the no-zones and notifies the driver in dangerous situations.
  • Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring Systems: An advanced system may have more features, like automated braking, to further assist the driver. It may also leverage AI to automate various tasks and take the burden off the driver’s shoulders.
    Some other features of advanced blind spot monitoring include forward and rear collision warnings with GPS navigation, data reporting, etc.

Categorization by Installation

Regarding installation, the two types of blind spot alert systems are the following:

  • Wired: The conventional system requires you to connect all components via cables. It might require professional assistance with installation unless you are experienced.
  • Wireless: The wireless blind spot detection system doesn’t require cables to make installation easier and keep the car more organized.


Are There Reported Impacts Of Blind Spot Alert?

Is a blind spot alert system all talk? The short answer is no.

Many positive impacts of this driving assistant system have come to the surface. Let’s look at them one by one:

Reduced Lane-Change Accidents

A car changing its lane is prone to crashes. However, a blind spot alert system has shown positive results. According to a report, this driving assistance system showed a 23% decrease in lane-changing collisions

Minimal Impact

The blind spot monitoring system has also been shown to minimize the impacts of a collision. The report by IIHS shows that road crashes were 14% less severe with this driving assistance system. That’s because it can help drivers make last-minute decisions to prevent devastating accidents.

Projected Impact

The same report by the IIHS shows that about 50,000 road accidents could have been prevented if the vehicles were using the blind spot system in 2015. It also states that over 16,000 injuries could have been avoided.

How Can Blind Spot Alert Help a Driver?

The blind spot alert system may have some positive impacts. But how does it actually help a driver? Let’s find out!

Protects the Car & Driver

Do you want to ensure your safety on the road? Look no further than the blind spot warning aftermarket system. It can prevent accidents that would otherwise have devastating results. Not only does it keep the driver safe, but it also protects the car. So, you don’t have to worry about the high maintenance and repair costs.

Makes Driving Less Stressful

Driving on busy highways can be pretty stressful. You have many nearby vehicles to worry about. One wrong move can lead to an impactful accident, injuring you and others on the road. That is where this blind spot alert system comes in. It can take away the stress by handling an important task: monitoring the no-zones. As a result, you have one less thing to worry about.

Ease of Use

The best part about a blind spot alert system is that it doesn’t require training before its use. It has a straightforward framework, allowing inexperienced individuals to adapt quickly. Even non-tech-savvy drivers can quickly get the hang of this system. All you need is to keep track of the alerts, and you are all set!

Makes You a Better Driver

Are you a new driver? Then, starting your driving journey with an assistance system can be perfect. The blind spot alert increases your response timing. It enhances your driving skills by enabling you to make better decisions. As a result, you can tackle dangerous scenarios and become a pro driver in no time!


Final Verdict – Should You Use Blind Spot Alert?

Equipping your car with a blind spot alert can be a brilliant decision. It can smoothen your driving experience and help you level up as a driver. Moreover, governments of different countries are also encouraging drivers to use assistance systems.

The most notable example is Milan, Italy. After witnessing many devastating accidents, the City Council has taken the blind spot detection system project and made this system mandatory for trucks to prevent accidents.

The USA is also promoting the use of driving assistance systems. This industry has seen a massive surge in import and assembling in the American automotive market. That’s because they have finally understood the endless benefits of blind spot alert systems.

Another thing to consider is the increase in road traffic and crashes. Today, driving is more dangerous than ever. That’s because there is more traffic on the roads. Furthermore, accidents have become pretty common. In such a situation, using a blind spot alert system is an excellent idea.

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Where to Get Blind Spot Alert?

There are thousands of manufacturers of driving assistance systems, like the blind spot alert. However, not all of them are as reliable as OYI Electronic. They eliminate intermediate costs by providing solutions at factory prices.

Furthermore, they stock their products regularly. That means you can always find the system you want. Their products have a 98% success rate after being tested in different scenarios, ensuring no errors in working. Additionally, OYI Electronic offers free price quotes with installation and maintenance guidance for their products. What more could you ask for?

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